About EscapeNet

EscapeNet is an ISP with the vision of making the net work for you. This means that we will do what it takes for your experience of the net to be productive and enjoyable. Our business started 23 years ago giving you the confidence that we know our products and that we will attend to customers needs.

We provide ADSL2+, Naked DSL & ADSL 1, Dial-up, Telephone services, Web Hosting and much more, so there is bound to be a product that will suit your needs. Sign-up is available securely on line or you can call or come into our office and deal directly with our staff.

We have services for residential and commercial needs. We provide free and local support that is based in house, so you can call us, email or live chat. We have several additional features complementing our product range, so browse our products page to find out more.