The use of our services or creation of an Account with EscapeNet requires that you agree to the following agreements. We operate our business with the customer at the forefront of our decisions. We proudly support & comply with the telecommunications consumer protection code.

our customer terms

Document Version Last Updated Download
Our Customer Terms - SFOA V4.1 8/06/2018 View Agreement
Customer Service Guarantee Standard 2011 v1.0 18/03/2014 View Agreement
Customer Service Guarantee Waiver v1.0 18/03/2012 View Agreement
ADSL Service Supplement v1.8 18/03/2006 View Agreement
Telephone Service Supplement v1.0 23/3/2009 View Agreement
Dial-Up Service Supplement v5.3 1/7/2005 View Agreement
NBN Service Supplement v1.02 14/06/2015 View Agreement
OCV Service Supplement v1.1 1/7/2005 View Agreement
Wireless Service Supplement v1.0 23/3/2009 View Agreement

Other Policies & important information

Document Version Last Updated Download
Acceptable Usage Policy v3.0 25/3/2014 View Agreement
Privacy Statement v1.1 10/10/2015 View Agreement
Security Policy v1.0 20/3/2014 View Agreement
Appointment of Authorised Representative v2.4 25/3/2009 View Agreement
Complaint Handling Process v2.0 18/9/2018 View Agreement
Financial Hardship Policy v1.0 15/7/2013 View Agreement
Spend Management Tools v1.0 25/7/2014 View Agreement
Warranty Information v1.0 28/3/2014 View Agreement
Direct Debit Service Agreement v2.4 25/3/2009 View Agreement

Critical Information Statements

All of our critical information statements are available online on the respective product pages. However, for ease of reference we have compiled a summary in a single page. Please visit our Critical Information Statement summary page for the current and historic reference.

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