critical information statements

All of our critical information statements are available on the respective product pages. However, for ease of reference we have compiled a summary in a single page you see before you.

Document Version Last Updated
Home Phone V1.0 26/7/2013
Reach ADSL & Home Phone Value V1.0 26/7/2013
Reach ADSL & Home Phone Plus V1.0 26/7/2013
Reach ADSL Broadband V1.0 31/7/2013
Naked DSL & VoIP V1.0 10/7/2013
Mobile Broadband V1.0 20/3/2013
Business Naked DSL V1.0 28/7/2013
Business VoIP SIP Trunk V1.0 20/7/2013
Starter Mobile V1.0 10/7/2013
Freedom Bundle V1.0 10/7/2013
Naked DSL V1.0 10/7/2013
VoIP V1.0 20/7/2013
Reach Mobile Flexi V1.0 20/8/2014
Reach Mobile Mini V1.0 20/8/2014
Freedom Mobile V1.0 10/7/2013
NBN V1.0 25/7/2013
NBN Standard Bundle V1.0 25/7/2013
NBN Fast Bundle V1.0 25/7/2013
NBN Faster Bundle V1.0 25/7/2013
NBN Fastest Bundle V1.0 25/7/2013