What is the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code?

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code (C628:2012), sets the minimum standard that telecommunications industry needs to adhere to when conducting business with consumers. The standards cover advertising, billing, credit management, spend management tools, transferring between suppliers, financial hardship, complaint handling and other compliance matters.

What the TCP Code means for day to day business?

Our aim has always been to provide our customers with Awesome customer service and products. In achieving this aim we are committed to complying with the TCP Code. That means that you will see that we have provided our customers with;

  • Critical Information Summaries for all our products; you can find these on our products pricing page. They make comparing offers easier by providing standardised information about the unit cost of a GB of data, the cost of a two minute mobile call, the cost of a standard SMS text and so on.
  • Spend Management tools that make it easier to manage your account spending.
  • Notifications by email or text that you are nearing your included allowances of your plan.
  • A range of policies concerning financial hardship, credit and debit management and complaint handling

What the TCP Code mean for you?

If you would like to read the TCP code in detail you can find it at the Comms Alliance.


If you would like to provide us with feedback relating to the TCP Code you can do so by calling us on 1300 135 235.